Sunday, 26 May 2013

IT Project

As part of our final assemsment for IT this year, we were asked to create a video using Windows Live Movie Maker. The software is really easy to use and is automatically included in all windows PCs.
Muireann and I decided to make an 'MTV Cribs' styled video, except we filmed around our school and so, decided to call it 'TY-TV Schoolz'
Check out my video below!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bumble Loops

For mini-company, we had to create a cereal and make an advert to promote the cereal we designed!
Eve, Muireann, Ciara and I decided to call our cereal 'Bumble Loops'. The cereal is chocolate and honey flavoured (a mixture of honey loops and wheetos).
Have a look at our advert below!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Swim a mile with a smile

Last Friday our TY year group participated in the annual Ian Daly Swim A Mile With A Smile. We had all split up into groups, in my group was Ciara, Chanice, Muireann and myself! We started off swiming slowly but as we continued to swim Chanice and I decided we would swim the mile by ourselves.
So, in the end our group swam a total of three miles!

We all had great fun at swim a mile, and afterwards we even spent an hour or so in the local shopping centre Blanchardstown!
Everyone enjoyed the day thouroughly
Blog soon, Abbie

Saturday, 16 March 2013

St.Brigid, our patron saint of Kildare

Yesterday our TY year group went on a mini-pilgrimage to Kildare town. First we sopped off at the very centre of Kildare town, at the heritage centre. Here we learnt all about the history of Kildare and St.Brigid.
We watched a really interesting video about St.brigid and Monastic life in Kildare!

After this we ventured across Kildare town to the old cathedral! We all took a quick look around the cathedral and afterwards Mr.K said a few prayers with us.
The cathedral in Kildare town
We then hopped back on the bus to head over to go on our short walk. We visited St.Brigid's well at the National Stud and we visited St.Brigid's holy shrine.
St.Brigid's well
After our trip we all went bowling!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tallaght TY Retreat

Yesterday our TY year went on a retreat to Tallaght. We all expected it to be similar to our first & second year retreats however at the end of the day we all agreed it was a great experience and was not at all what we expected!
When we first arrived we were directed into a room and greeted by all the staff we would be working with for the day. We also spoke briefly about what matters in life and worries/stresses in life, we then split up into smaller groups and went upstairs! There were 10 of us in my group; Leah, Muireann, Sinéad, Rachel, Sorcha, Chanice, Ciara, Jenny, Emma and myself. We all felt really comfortable with eachother and I felt we could talk about anything!
I thought the day was great, I got a chance to talk about things that I normally wouldn't speak about. I felt like anything I said would not be repeated by any of the girls to anybody else!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Percussion Workshop

On Tuesday, we all came into school excited to participate in our next TY workshop with Dave. We began our workshop by each choosing an African drum to play on, we played on drums called 'Djembe Drums'. We learned how to play lots of different rhythms on these drums.

Next we moved on to creating Poly-rhythm sounds, playing different rhythms on various instruments. I never knew there was so many different African instruments that are used daily, I like others, just assumed the Bongo was the main instrument used!

Near the  our workshop, we had a freestyle period! This was where we seperated into groups and created our own rhythms with the drums and other instruments.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

London Fashion Week

As you may know, I did a work experience placement with the fashion designer John Rocha in Dublin. I was busy helping the designers cut out leaf shapes from the fabrics. Last week, John Rocha took part in London Fashion week and showcased some of his designs on the Runway. Some of the outfits I helped create were featured in the show! It was so crazy to see this!